wild/kind is the flurry of excitement you get when you find a box of long lost keepsakes in your old bedroom. Unapologetically earnest pop rock that is both catchy and complex, wild/kind delivers Pop Explosion nostalgia that makes you want to let your hair down and sing along.

West Ends LP coming January 2019!
Our new album will be released January 25, 2019. It was recorded by Jay Arner, and we're super excited to share it with you soon!

Below is video for our first single "Message/Timing" (directed by our own Natalie Glubb), as well as artwork by Edward Juan.

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Message/Timing (from West Ends, directed by Natalie Glubb)

My Boat (from Let's Sail, directed by Natalie Glubb)

about the band
Formed in Vancouver's West End in 2013, wild/kind are Natalie Glubb (drums), Johnny LaRusic (vocals/guitar), Lindsay Partin (bass), and Justin Penney (guitar).

Photo by Ina Vukmirovich